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Become a Resource

We are proud and pleased to join forces with a dynamic group of professionals whose approach and philosophy to youth sports mirrors what we try and provide to the local community of young athletes of Utah. If you have something special to provide we want to connect with you.

Youth athletes want to have fun as they learn skills to improve their game on and off the field. That often depends on coaches, parents, and school or organizational leaders creating a fun environment, one where the athletes can improve and learn life lessons such as the importance of hard work and persistence, free from the fear of making mistakes. The difference a mentor can make in a youth’s life is enormous and ADC invites you to use our facility to educate youth athletes and prepare them to win on and off the scoreboard.A positive approach gets the most from youth and high school athletes, which is what coaches, parents and the athletes themselves want. Staying positive also helps youth get the most out of sports.

ADC knows that encouraging athletes with positive reinforcement help them hear and heed the necessary corrections. With that winning combination of truthful, specific praise and constructive criticism, athletic performance improves and so do the chances that kids stick with sports longer and learn all the valuable life lessons inherently available through organized competition.

We invite you to use our facility to train and educate youth in a positive and powerful way.

Become an ADC Pause Play Resource

When you partner with the ADC as a youth resource we will help promote your event through our growing Pause Play community. 

To become an ADC Pause Play Resource your program must:

1. Your program must establish a clearly defined philosophy and vision 

Your program must focus on the development of the whole athlete and provide opportunities for athletes to reach their full potential within the sport.

2. Educate using long-term athlete development to develop athletic potential, enhance physical literacy, and encourage lifelong physical activity.

3. Promote and implement goals important to the physical, behavioral, and social development of the athlete. The goals are aligned with the Pause Play program vision, coaching philosophy, and long-term athlete development.

4. Programs must align with the needs of the community and individual athletes.

6 + 3 =

The perfect location.

We are the local premier rallying point for athlete education and are more than a place to change. We work to CREATE A SENSE OF CAMARADERIE throughout all local school and team sports. Drawing our great community together. We assist schools and teams to high esteem athletes in the community at large. We know that school and team pride can be contagious and benefit the community as a whole. We have designed and organized an efficient facility that helps develop athletes by developing the bonds, key relationships, and education that translate into chemistry on and off the field.

The ADC is located at 132 Volunteer Dr, Spanish Fork, UT 84660, and measures 260 feet wide by 450 long, and is 110 feet tall. The 117,260 square foot facility offers the ability to play on a full size 80 x 120-yard soccer field, or have the field split in half, or into fourths. The multisport facility is home to soccer, lacrosse, football, baseball, softball, volleyball, and a number of other events. 

The ADC serves as a multi-purpose facility that accommodates the community athletes, trainers, schools, and teams. The facility is available for limited rental to service special events.

Reservation Requests

For more information about room availability, fees, and guidelines, please call 385-200-0686.