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The ADC is a first-rate facility that houses winning athletic programs with strong traditions that produce skills, experiences, and memories that stay with athletes throughout their lives. We are a center for the local communities that are distinctively designed to develop athletes and enhance their overall experience.


We are the local premier rallying point for athlete pride and are more than a place to change. We work to CREATE A SENSE OF CAMARADERIE throughout all local school and team sports. Drawing our great community together. We assist schools and teams to high esteem athletes in the community at large. We know that school and team pride can be contagious and benefit the community as a whole. We have designed and organized an efficient facility that helps develop athletes by developing the bonds, key relationships and education that translate into chemistry on and off the field.

The ADC is located at 132 Volunteer Dr, Spanish Fork, UT 84660, and measures 260 feet wide by 450 long, and is 110 feet tall. The 117,260 square foot facility offers the ability to play on a full size 80 x 120 yard soccer field, or have the field split in half, or into fourths. The multisport facility is home to soccer, lacrosse, football, baseball, softball,volleyball and a number of other events. 

The ADC serves as a multi-purpose facility which accommodates the community athletes, trainers, schools, and teams. The facility is available for limited rental to service special events. Athletic development, schools and Club organizations can reserve/rent all aspects of the facility.

Top athletic performance is maximized when the climate is stable, From extreme cold and snow, to heat, wind, and lightning storms, the weather in Utah County is unpredictable. Keep your team on a consistent schedule, train and practice in our climate controlled indoor sports training facility.In addition to sports related activities, Athlete Development Center can be rented out for private parties, family reunions, wedding receptions, and more!!! Schedule as far ahead as possible to get the field size you want.

ForeverLawn Field inside Athlete Development Center is a fast rubber infill synthetic turf manufactured to minimizes rubber fly out, increase health safety by using anti-microbial materials, and one of the best synthetic playing surfaces in the U.S. Visit ForeverLawn Mountain West to learn more about getting your own synthetic sports field or no maintenance residential grass.

Reservation priority is decided in the following order:

  1. Intercollegiate (in-season varsity contests and practices)
  2. Intercollegiate (out-of-season varsity practices)
  3. Intramurals
  4. Club sports
  5. Varsity sport fundraising
  6. Other Students’ Association recognized clubs
  7. Local community groups.

Reservation Requests

Electronic requests for reservations can be submitted by one member of the recognized group or club. A profile must be created for this individual, which can be done by emailing . Each group can request up to two (2) two-hour practice sessions per week. Every effort is made to approve requests, but space is not guaranteed. Please read your confirmations carefully as not all dates may be granted. For more information about room availability, fees, and guidelines, please call 385-200-0686 or contact the facility manager at


Non-Community Rentals

The ADC periodically offers facility rentals to communities not within our boundaries on a limited basis based on availability and staffing. Requests must be made at least three weeks in advance.

To request a rental, please contact the facility manager and we will evaluate your request. 

2020-21 Rates

The Indoor Field House, the volleyball court, Free weight room, strength training room, and the Room all have a rate of $150 per hour. 

All rentals require at least one site supervisor ($25 per hour) for the duration of the rental. Depending on the specifics of the event there could also be charges for additional site supervisors, housekeepers, security, parking attendant, electrician, groundskeepers, or other items to meet the needs of the rental.  


The ADC requires that all groups renting athletic facilities carry insurance meeting the requirements below with the ADC listed as the additional insured. A proper Certificate of Insurance must be in place no later than 10 days before the event.

Category 2 Requirements are required for events like baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, field hockey, lacrosse, karate, track and field, festivals, and cultural events. 

Category 3 Requirements are required for events like football, cheerleading, carnivals, film productions, and gymnastic competitions.