Spanish Forks Premier Athletic Center.

The Athlete Development Center

132 Volunteer Dr, Spanish Fork, UT 84660. Measuring 260 feet wide by 450 long, and is 110 feet tall.

Spanish Forks Premier Athletic Center.

The Athlete Development Center

132 Volunteer Dr, Spanish Fork, UT 84660. Measuring 260 feet wide by 450 long, and is 110 feet tall.

Welcome to the Athlete Development Center!

Educate – Obtain – Empower

The 117,260 square foot facility offers the ability to play on a full size 80 x 120-yard soccer field, or have the field split in half, or into fourths. The multisport facility is home to soccer, lacrosse, football, baseball, softball, volleyball, and a number of other events.

The ADC serves as a multi-purpose facility that accommodates the community athletes, trainers, schools, and teams. The facility is available for limited rental to service special events. Athletic development, schools, and Club organizations can reserve/rent all aspects of the facility.

Field House Rentals

Our climate-controlled, full turf facility is perfect for any sport year-round. One-time rentals and monthly contracts available. Discounted prices available for entire seasons or package deals for performance class rentals.


Pause Play is a Utah Based youth athletic development community that promises to provide only the best core athletic education to promote youths athletes through technical and tactical education that helps them obtain success and empower life.

EOE Philosophy

We believe the athlete empowerment is a never-ending process. The process begins with proper technical and tactical education that helps athletes obtain their goals which in turn empowers them to become a mentor for others in the community increasing their desire to further  their education which helps them obtain the next levels of goals that enhances their empowerment that…well you get it.


Nominate your athlete to be showcased as a Pause Play athlete that embodies the EOE philosophy and improves their community.

Become part of the team.

You make a difference.

See how you can support the development of local community athletes, their parents, and the entire community.

Become a Resource.

The ADC looks to build a community resource of those companies or individuals that have value to offer young athletes. We would love to have you use the ADC for your event and we would love to market your brand, services, and value throughout our growing community.

Dustin Smith Owner / Quarterback Elite

Inside the ADC

Your first visit is free. Come join us.

South County Volleyball Club

Powerful training and tactical education for female athletes to play in the AAU Utah Region. Collegiate-level trainer Darice Pratt is providing opportunities for private lessons, camps, and clinics.

Tumble Trix Gymnastics

Family-owned and operated tumbling gym specializing in kinetic education and tumbling skills for all levels and ages of children! A perfect start for little ones who aspire to become part of the athletic community.

Stoic Fitness

Challenge yourself to something new. Thrive in a culture where education is the number one priority. Our team designs and coaches each member through a safe, fun, and highly effective workout. Become part today and obtain your fitness goals.

Anvil Athletic Performance

Our trainers work to help youth and adults develop an exercise routine that is personalized to meet each individual needs. We educate our clients and help them obtain their personal fitness goals that will help them feel empowered.

Synergy Physical Therapy

Synergy Physical Therapy is an outpatient physical therapy clinic with a results-focused, hands-on, functional mobility approach to improving clients’ lives.